Remember Pang? The Bug Butcher sure does

Calling all Buster Bros.

Capcom’s good old bubble-popping shooter Super Buster Bros. (Super Pang outside of America) lives on as the inspiration for The Bug Butcher, a newly-released game on Steam Early Access.

As the butcher, you’ll avoid attacks and shoot up at bugs until they split into smaller bugs and eventually explode. It’s a simple arcade-style premise. For $7.99, the current work-in-progress build of the game has the first 18 levels with variable weapons, power-ups, perks, and upgrades.

Over the next couple of months on Steam Early Access, Awfully Nice Studios intends to add another 12 levels, competitive multiplayer, and an “endless runner option for each floor.”

As much as I like (good) pixel art, it’s nice to have a break every now and then.

The Bug Butcher [Steam]

Jordan Devore
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