Remember Nick Arcade? The creators want to bring that concept back

With spirtual successor Enthlevel

Well this is unexpected.

We’ve gotten word from James Bethea, co-creator of Nick Arcade, that a spritual successor is in the works. Bethea has reunited with his co-creator Karim Miteff and the original host Phil Moore for a “spiritual successor” called Enthlevel. The idea is to mix the old school feel of the show with new technology, which is mostly VR-related, where “live action and CG (computer graphics) obstacles converge.” It will be team-based just like the original, where “teens through adults of any age can compete.”

The Kickstarter has just launched, with 28 days to go and a $350,000 goal. As a huge fan of the original show, I’m interested in seeing what they have in store. Maybe next we can get a successor to Nickelodeon Guts and Wild & Crazy Kids?

Enthlevel [Kickstarter]

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