Remember Cloud? He’s back, in Kingdom Hearts statue form

Dig that wing

For many, Cloud defined a generation. While the worth of his legacy as a character is still debated to this date, odds are most people recognize the spiky Saiyan hair and the Berserk-esque Buster Sword. It’s why he’s remained an icon of the franchise for so long, appearing in myriad bits of non Final Fantasy media like Super Smash Bros. and Kingdom Hearts.

Speaking of the latter, that’s just what this new figure is based on. It’s from Bring Arts, and will run you $80.99 from Square Enix’s storefront for a July release date. I dig it all: all of the Nomura-designed ridiculousness. The claws, the taped-up sword, the scarf, even the wing: it’s all amazingly over-the-top.

I can also kind of get down with the price? Those super expensive (though super detailed) $500 or more renditions always trip me up.

Final Fantasy Bring Arts Cloud Strife [Game Informer]

Chris Carter
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