Remedy really wants to make an Alan Wake sequel

In a discussion between IGN and Remedy regarding what’s next for Alan Wake, head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen went all out in revealing his desire to continue working with Bright Falls’ odd mythos.

First up, downloadable content. Microsoft “are throwing the idea around of more episodes,” says Hakkinen, “but you know the size of our studio. We’re a small team. But yeah, Microsoft are interested in more episodes. Where we’re sitting right now is we’ll see how these [first two add-ons] go.”

Remedy has not been shy in saying DLC will bridge the gap between a potential sequel. So, we’re getting a follow-up game then, right?

“We’re happy with the partnership and they’re happy with the game,” Hakkinen puts it. “I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t continue with Microsoft and why we wouldn’t renew the IP … we definitely want a sequel of course.” As do I! Anyone else with me on this?

Alan Wake’s Future [IGN]

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