Remedy has a limited edition Alan Wake thermos on the way

Alan Wake 2 thermos

For all the coffee you’ll spill playing Alan Wake 2

Video game merch can be hit or miss for me, but one in particular caught my eye this morning. Remedy Entertainment is teaming up with Finnish lighting company Airam to release a special Oh Deer Diner thermos inspired by Alan Wake.

The special thermos is slated to arrive in September 2023, just ahead of Alan Wake 2, on Remedy’s storefront. As you might remember from the first Alan Wake, you could get an achievement for finding the hidden thermos bottles littered throughout the game.

“In the sequel, the thermos plays a significantly more important role,” Remedy communications director Thomas Puha said in a press release. “This got us excited about the idea of creating an authentic Oh Deer Diner thermos for our fans.”

The collaboration is between two Finnish companies, Remedy and Airam. It’s a 0.45 liter bottle with a glass interior. Perfect for that cup of coffee you might want to enjoy while booting up a scary experience in the fall.

Also, enjoy the reveal trailer above, featuring a special guest appearance from a Control character you might recognize.

Oh, deer

As I said above, video game merch is tricky. For me personally, I don’t like stuff that’s a bit too loud or just a giant logo. Something a bit more subtle, that feels like a representation of that game world rather than an advertisement for it, is my jam.

So with that in mind, even though I’ve only played a little bit of the first Alan Wake, I dig this thermos. It’s sleek and looks well-made. It’s a subtle nod, one that might get you an “ah” from friends who’ve played the game, without looking like a billboard.

Basically, I wish more merch was like this. Fewer over-logo’d T-shirts, more useful items with smart in-game ties.

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