Remedy announces Alan Wake Wars!

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Although Alan Wake has not yet been released, developer Remedy is already hard at work on another game. The studio has today revealed a brand new spin-off set in the Alan Wake universe, Alan Wake Wars!

A real-time-strategy set during the events of Alan Wake, this hot new Xbox 360 title features 24 unit types, 17 unique maps and 18 tech trees. Plus one theme song. Players will control local militia groups, as well as locate various coffee items in order to stay awake. It’s a game of deadly tactical planning and risk-and-reward balancing. 

No word on the online modes yet, but we expect a full multiplayer component when the game releases. The game will be a 360 exclusive, with Microsoft stating that RTS games work best on an HDTV as opposed to the “intimate” setting of a personal computer.

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