Rein: Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 delay means more maps

Heartbroken by the delay of the PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3, I fired an e-mail over to Epic’s Mark Rein to see just what was up. Not long after I hit send, Rein replied, partially with the “As a public company…” spiel he dropped on the Epic forums earlier today. But there’s sunshine through the rain says, uh … Rein.

“In addition, there is some good news,” he says, “as a little extra time in development means now the PS3 version will have all of the same maps as the PC version, whereas we previous expected to ship fewer maps on [the] console.”

Well that is good news, isn’t it? And for those of you with PCs powerful enough to launch nuclear missiles and run Unreal Tournament 3, Rein says a downloadable PC demo will be available before retail release (which still stands for November).

I’ll be heading to Epic next week to get my hands dirty with both versions of the game, so I’ll see if I can’t dig up any more information … or at least take a lot of pictures of Mark Rein doing stuff. I feel like I’m doing a Google image search for him way too often.

Nick Chester