Reimagined NES makes gamer hearts go pitter-patter

It was a confusing first few moments, receiving this tip and trying to make sense of what I was seeing. I think the problem was that I was looking for a price tag or a story, and sadly neither was to be found. What you are seeing above only exists as a figment of the imagination of Javier Segovia, a Spanish artist who works mostly in the digital realm.  This is his take on a reimagined NES, called “reNESED”.

While this is the only game related thing Javier has done, I have to say I find it impressive that he managed to make the old look new and yet not lose the look that made it what it was. I would buy this thing if it existed, only to be able to show friends that come over my weird hybrids as they shook their heads and felt mildly sorry for me.

[Thanks Adam!]

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