Reggie thinks Nintendo will have a strong holiday season. Crazy, huh?

MSNBC continues their talks with the top execs from the big three today with Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime. Reggie gives us the good ol’ Nintendo pitch, which comes off a bit better than Microsoft’s “we’re the best” blabber, though it doesn’t pull at the heart strings like Sony’s apologetic underdog act.

MSNBC comes right out swinging (I like this Kristin Kalning, and that’s not just because she likes my band), asking Fils-Aime how the Wii has managed to avoid becoming the Gamecube 2. After saying that he “wasn’t here” for the Gamecube era, Fils-Aime gives a standard Nintendo answer:

“What I can tell you is that as we launched the Wii, we made sure that we had strong software support at the launch,” says Fils-Aime. “We made sure that we had a fantastic consumer proposition, and we made sure that we had follow-up support.”

And when asked to clarify “support,” Reggie brings up third-parties. This opens the door for MSNBC to ask the popular “what third-parties?” question.

“I would argue that there are a number of very strong third-party titles that are doing very well in the marketplace,” Rils-Aime replies. “Whether you look at Guitar Hero III from Activision, that’s doing exceptionally well. Whether you look at Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games from Sega that’s doing well in the marketplace.”

And finally, MSNBC rounds out the Nintendo interview trifecta with the “online” question. Reggie responds:

“Our view is that the online experience needs to be something that adds value to the consumer experience and enables them to have a more in-depth experience  When you talk about gamertags, that really is a hardcore desire versus activity like creating Miis and other functionality that in our view, is much more what the mass market wants in their video-game console.”

You can visit MSNBC for the full article, but you’ve heard most of this before.

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