RedOctane squashes Target recall rumors, responds to 360 whammy issues

With a game this high profile, any slip up will result in an avalanche of misinformation and rumor when certain problems or issues pop up. The latest to suffer is the highly-anticipated Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360. While we reported on issues with the controller earlier, RedOctane has now responded on this and the fact that some are saying Target was holding back on the game because of an alleged recall. From Next-Gen:

Clarifying Internet rumors, publisher RedOctane tells Next-Gen that there never was a “recall” at Target stores for the new Xbox 360 Guitar Hero II controller, but the firm is examining faulty controller claims; company also offers a suggestion for those having trouble with the new guitar.

More on the Target issue:

News blog posts cited separate instances in which Target shoppers couldn’t buy the recently released GHII for Xbox 360 because clerks indicated that there was a “recall” on the product, amidst reports of problems with the new X-plorer guitar controller’s whammy bar.

RedOctane senior PR specialist Bryan Lam said in an e-mail that there is a misunderstanding about the Target situation. “The Target ‘recall’ is NOT [emphasis his] related to the whammy bar or a true ‘recall,'” he said. “We’ve been informed this was an internal Target computer system glitch that was only an issue during the morning yesterday from 8-10 a.m., and the SKU was not flagged for sale. Essentially, that meant the product still had the street date lock out.”

He explained further, “When a product is flagged as street dated, the system rings it up as ‘Recall the Sale’ and won’t let the retailers sell the product. It should now be selling through and scanning just fine.”

Robert Summa