Red Octane interested in Guitar Hero ‘franchise compatibility’

When Red Octane and Neversoft announced that all Guitar Hero World Tour downloadable content would also work with the upcoming Guitar Hero 5, everyone’s wallets cheered. But one thing they didn’t mention to press at E3, as far as I knew, was the ability to transfer tracks from the World Tour disc to your hard drive for use in Guitar Hero 5.

According to Australian gaming site Gameplayer, the feature was announced at E3… but no one was paying attention. Or they heard it from an off-the-record source. Not entirely sure (I’m a sloppy, but decent, note taker), I followed up with Red Octane to get the scoop. 

“Franchise compatibility is something we are interesting in and we are looking into,” I was told by a representative for Red Octane, “but we do not have any details to share at this time.”

So that means while it’s not off the table for the future, the ability to rip songs from the World Tour disc to your hard drive hasn’t been confirmed. Red Octane did reiterate that the World Tour downloadable content would be fully-compatible with Guitar Hero 5, “and will feature all of the game’s upgrades and enhancements.”

Would the ability to move your World Tour songs to your hard drive to play with your Guitar Hero 5 library nudge you in Activision’s direction? Or has its yearly multi-game assault permanently turned you off?

Nick Chester