Red Faction: Guerrilla’s Ostrich Hammer is not a joke

Among the many April Fools’ Day gags that saddened me because they were amazing but I knew they wouldn’t ever be anything more than a joke was Red Faction: Guerrilla‘s Ostrich Hammer. It pretty much proved that violence involving flightless birds is always hysterical.

However, Volition has done the unthinkable and made the hammer an unlockable for Guerrilla‘s multiplayer. You have earned my respect and then some for this brilliant move, guys.

The stellar news was dished out on the game’s community blog, where we’ll be hearing about “more hammer unlocks, new modes, the amount of changes we made based on your feedback during the MP beta (A LOT), and a few other MP surprises” in the coming weeks.

“Hell yeah” sums up this situation fairly well, I think.

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