Red Faction: Guerrilla ‘Smasher Pack’ DLC available

A week or so ago, Volition and THQ revealed the Red Faction: Guerilla “Smasher Pack,” the third piece of downloadable content for the open-world title. And now the DLC Triforce has been assembled. As promised, the pack is available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Network Store for 400 Microsoft Banana Dollars or about 5 bones respectively.

The “Smasher Pack” brings eight new maps for the offline multiplayer, pass-the-controller mode Wrecking Crew. It also introduces a fresh multiplayer mode called Behemoth, which finally puts mechs into the multiplayer component. Those with the pack can now use three different walkers to break stuff all hardcore-like after choosing the mode.

Now all Guerrilla needs is a hammer shaped like a dragon. Think about it, Volition. Think about it.

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