Red Dead Redemption looks gorgeous in time-lapse footage

If you’ve played Red Dead Redemption, then you know that it’s a beautiful game. Personally, I find its capacity for creating breathtaking vistas to be unmatched; like Michael Abbott at The Brainy Gamer, I time my saves so that I’m traveling around the game world at dawn and dusk. Riding toward the quickly setting sun, against the backdrop of a burning sky and an environment suffused with the ruddy glow of twilight, is a magnificent image that I will always remember — and one that makes me want to visit the American West.

The folks at Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry seem to feel the same way about Red Dead Redemption. They would know, since they spend their time analyzing graphical quality. But sometimes, they merely sit back and admire the visual splendor that games offer. They’ve put together a four-minute compilation of time-lapse footage from Red Dead Redemption entitled “Red Dead Redemption: World in Motion,” and when combined with Bill Elm and Woody Jackson’s haunting original score for the game, the result is a treat for the eyes and ears. (And for you techies, they detailed the process by which they made the video.)

You can check out the streaming video here, but I strongly recommend downloading the 282 MB HD-res file for the best experience. It’s really something to behold. (The image above is a screencap from the video.)

Red Dead Redemption: World in Motion [Eurogamer Digital Foundry via Xav de Matos’ Twitter]

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