Red Dead Redemption is coming to PS4 and Switch next week

John Marston in Red Dead Redemption

The original Red Dead Redemption will come to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch in a little over a week. This is great news, as we’re talking about one of the very few highly successful games of the post ‘2010s that hasn’t seen a single re-release. Few feelings beat knowing that the wait is over—even when we didn’t know we were waiting for something in the first place.

Though Rockstar isn’t calling it a remaster, this RDR release developed by Double Eleven Studios looks a bit sharper than it did on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. An actual HD remaster was reportedly on the table for some time, but plans seem to have dissipated. From the way Rockstar is promoting it, it seems like the company is just going for an uncompromisingly straightforward re-release.

This is definitely not the RDR remake in Unreal Engine or in the Red Dead Redemption 2 engine that some have been speculating about for a while. The Red Dead Redemption re-release will also contain the famous Undead Nightmare DLC. This neat add-on clearly banked on the ‘2010s zombie craze by taking John Marston in a possibly non-canonical side quest against hordes of undead cowboys, but it’s still pretty fun to play nowadays.

Red Dead Redemption for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch will cost $49.99. The digital format will be up for download on August 17. The physical version will come out on October 13. The PS4 version will also run on PS5.

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