Red Dead Redemption 2 estimates around 65 hours of story content

Xbox One file size a mere 88GB

We are just a couple of weeks away from the biggest video game release of 2018, Rockstar’s wild west sequel Red Dead Redemption 2. Once again players will step into the past to explore an enormous open-world, filled with activities, quests, hidden treasures, and that Liar’s Dice game I don’t understand.

Speaking in a recent interview with Vulture, Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser estimated that there is roughly 65 hours of story content awaiting players, in a campaign which will recount the exploits of the Van Der Linde gang. Obviously everyone plays at their own pace, so this number is negotiable. But given the reported size of the game from those who have experienced it, there’s quite an epic quest on the horizon.

In related news, it has also been revealed that the Xbox One edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 will have a file size just under 89GB which, although smaller than the PS4’s 105GB, is still not to be sniffed at. Better make some HDD space there, pardner.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launches October 26 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will have roughly 65 hours in game length [Vulture]

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