Red Dead Online celebrates America’s 2019th birthday with loads of bonus XP and cash

And guns!

It’s a four-day work week thanks to Uncle Sam and the fireworks industry. That means we have an extra day for lazing around, eating grilled meats, and blowing things up. What a life.

For anyone who plans to do their lazing with video games, Rockstar has some incentives to explore the wild west. From now through July 8, Red Dead Online offers 30 percent bonus XP and currency gains on free roam missions. There’s also a free Respectful Bow emote, free red and blue camp flags, and discounts on clothing and weapons.

Lastly, merchants are giving away free gun oil to keep your firearms in tip-top condition. The cash and experience are nice, but the gun oil really puts this American festivity over the top. All you need is a bumper sticker for your horse that says “Keep neighing, I’m reloading.”

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