Red Bull first to exploit Home’s advertising potential

Home isn’t even properly out of the door yet and Sony has taken its inaugural step on the road to market whoredom. Energy drink Red Bull is the first product confirmed to be hawking its wares on Sony’s global advertising social network, providing something to keep you awake during the long wait for Sony to do something useful.

Red Bull is said to have its own island in the PS3’s not-quite-a-social-network-not-quite-anything-really, which will sport a racing game based on the drink’s real-life Red Bull Air Race.  

“The game gave us the first opportunity to recreate in the gaming world what we try to do in the real world, which is to facilitate interaction, to give people stories, memories, experiences and a really good opportunity to interact with the brand,” claimed Red Bull’s John Beasley. “It’s also a great opportunity to get kids hooked on caffeine. Like my Uncle Reg always said — get ’em young!”

He didn’t say that last bit.

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