Red 5 studios is finally announcing their game

Finally, finally, finally. Red 5 Studios is finally ready to tell us what the hell it has been working on since it was founded five years ago. Big Download noticed that the company would be at PAX Prime this year (as we will be) and they reached out and asked why. Turns out it’s because Red 5 will actually be announcing whatever it is it has been working on right before PAX this September.

Not only that, but a PR rep for the company also revealed that the game will be a “team-based action shooter.” Guess the ex-Blizzard employees that comprise Red 5 are going in a different direction than their former employer’s World of Warcraft. I won’t complain about that. Of course the team-based action shooter is all the rage these days so we’ll have to see what Red 5 thinks it can bring to the table.

Time to hold our breath until September and keep an eye on their site where they’ve taken a picture of a countdown.

Matthew Razak