Recovered Snow White NES game is actually pretty hardcore

I want to play it

This recently uncovered Snow White NES game is more Ninja Gaiden than Disney classic.

Although it’s based on Happily Ever After, a decidedly non-Disney project, in a surprising change of pace, the prince is actually captured this time by the brother of the Evil Queen, who seeks revenge on the couple after her death in the first film. Snow White wields a spin attack on her adventure to the final castle, and fights all sorts of aggressive enemies while besting some platforming sections.

In case you’re wondering “why now,” this almost lost piece of history was recently uncovered by way of a prototype cartridge, which has been released into the world. Anyone else remember when Capcom use to run shit when it came to Disney games? I used to play the hell out of Little Mermaid on NES, as well as the highly underrated Adventures in the Magic Kingdom.

Happily Ever After [Nintendo Player]

Chris Carter
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