ReCore confirmed for a September 13 release on Xbox One and Windows 10

This looks like a good’un

Microsoft didn’t dedicate a long section of its E3 2016 press conference to Keiji Inafune’s newest new joint ReCore, but it did get a trailer that made quite a splash. That’s mostly because the trailer itself is quite splashy. Watercolor-like screens introduce the robots that will help us survive and traverse Far Eden.

Probably more important than that is the release date for ReCore. As was rumored lately, ReCore will launch on September 13. What’s more, it’s part of the Xbox One and Windows 10 “Play Anywhere” initiative that allows for cross-buy and cross-play. You have options in the robots you want to play and the machines you want to use.

According to the official site, the game will be $39.99.

Brett Makedonski
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