Records are broken: A lot of people bought Battlefield 1943

Confirmed: people like Battlefield 1943. According to official release, EA DICE’s bite-sized WWII shooter is the “fastest selling day one and week one” game ever on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Chew on that for a second. Battlefield 1943 has beaten the immediate sales of titles like Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, and Castle Crashers.

But the record smashing doesn’t stop there. 1943 is also the fastest selling day one and week one title on PlayStation Network. All together, people have purchased over 600,000 units of the game across both platforms. That’s like, uh, a lot.

While we still have occasional issues connecting with parties, it’s nothing like the first few days of release. Feel free to try this thing now. We loved it despite the technical issues at the time of review. Plus, everyone’s doing it.

Brad BradNicholson