Record label is betting that you are missing out on Halo chanting, I laugh

You have to hand it to the music industry, as they’ve never lost sight of how to make a quick buck. This time, they’ve decided to capitalize on the Gregorian chanting of the Halo games that we love so much, and have placed advertisements in various religious publications, soliciting new talent for their project. As the managing director of Universal Classics and Jazz, Dickon “my name can’t possibly be real” Stainer says:

“Ever since the last Halo game we’ve had so many inquiries about plain chant, we’ve even been asked by festival organizers if we’ve got nuns or monks on our roster.”

Now I remember quite well back in 1994 when Enigma started the chant wave with their popular Return To Innocence song, but didn’t that kind of overstay its welcome? I could be wrong, but the armchair analyst in me says that this is going to be a flop of Halo-like proportions. Here’s a novel idea: how about just popping the game in your Xbox, if you’re jonesing for the music. Does anybody really jam out to this stuff in their car, and if so, are you high? As Ripley would say if he saw this, believe it…or not.