Recent Mass Effect: Andromeda patch fixes those ‘tired eyes’

Doctor My Eyes

When the most recent patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda dropped, some of you probably noticed an innocuous little detail: “Improved lip-sync and facial acting during some conversations, including localized VO.”

As one of the most contested elements of Andromeda, the facial and body animations, particularly for Sara Ryder, were pretty dang awful and somehow even worse than the older Mass Effect trilogy. Some folks, even one storied animator, surmised that a bad algorithm system was to blame.

Well, Andromeda is now on its way to basically reaching acceptable levels in terms of visual polish (they call this update 1.05, but to me, it’s more like 0.50), as the infamous “tired eyes” NPC among others have been fixed. You can see the difference for yourself below, and although everything still isn’t copacetic, it’s a start.

Addison’s new eyes [Reddit]

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