Recap: Everything that happened at the Assassin’s Creed 15th Anniversary Celebration

Assassin’s Creed anniversary recap 0

Valhalla and a 60 FPS Origins patch are the focus

It’s time for an Assassin’s Creed anniversary recap! It’s been 15 years since the series first debuted on Xbox 360 and PS3 with Altaïr in November 2007, and Ubisoft is celebrating a little early during the so-called Summer of Gaming with a stream.

Here’s everything that happened during the nearly hour and a half anniversary celebration.

Assassin's Creed recap

Valhalla is getting more free content and an eventual end to Eivor’s story

More festivals, new mastery challenges (pack 2), extra tombs, and additional gear are coming to Valhalla as part of the “Year 2” content. The Forgotten Saga is a huge part of it, which is a new mode described as a “roguelite journey through Niffelheim.” All of it will be free, and “the end of the year will have one last surprise:” a free chapter to end Eivor’s story. This could all dovetail into an announcement made later in the stream, which we explain below.

A standalone version of the Discovery Tour Viking Age (educational mode) is out today, too, and Origins tattoos are coming in an update this week.

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An Assassin’s Creed Origins 60 FPS PS5 and Xbox Series X/S patch is available today

That long-awaited Origins current-gen patch is out today, which brings in 60 FPS gameplay as a free update for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Ubisoft will also host a free weekend for Origins from June 16 through June 20. The free weekend trial will be on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia platforms. If you want to see it in action at 60 FPS, the stream (embedded below) provided a lengthy playthrough with Jose Araiza, the game’s producer.

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There’s a “15 Years of Assassin’s Creed” site open now, with a celebrations roadmap

Ubisoft announced a new site for AC, which teases new announcements from June through September. Players can join in on in-game challenges, and various promos will show up on the site (like the aforementioned free Origins weekend).

You can find it here.

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Info on the future of the Assassin’s Creed series is coming in September 2022

Ubisoft calls this a “very special” presentation to “learn more about the future of Assassin’s Creed.” It will most likely unveil the next major Assassin’s Creed entry, and will take place sometime in September: a date and time was not provided yet.

Note that “in the months to come” Ubisoft says there will be more celebrations beyond this stream.

Assassin’s Creed anniversary recap

More “Assassin’s Creed Stories” cross-media projects are on the way

Ubisoft highlighted some of the cross-media projects that were released recently, or are coming in the pipeline. They remind us that two of the three Dawn of Ragnarok (Valhalla DLC) volumes are out now, which serve as prequels for the mythology-heavy DLC of the same name. The Echoes of History deep dive podcast series for Valhalla also has five episodes available on Ragnarok.

As for what’s next, there’s an upcoming webtoons sequel to Black Flag (it will be a serialized format with a weekly episode for “a long period of time,” consisting of roughly 40-50 episodes, which is “only the first season,” of a planned three), and The Magus Conspiracy novel is arriving this summer, which deals with an 1851 London timeline (Syndicate takes place in 1868).

You can watch the entire stream yourself below

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