Rebellion tells you how to play Aliens vs. Predator

This latest trailer explains the close combat in Aliens vs. Predator. Ironically, the video only tells you the Xbox 360 controls, which already has a control layout in the demo. The demo that really needs help with the controls, the PC version, has been left high and dry. You’re just going to have to guess the keys for that one. 

Anyway, if you’ve been getting hacked to pieces too many times, this video will show you how to deal with a close encounter. It’s all about the block button. Yes, we didn’t know there was one either until someone outside of the demo pointed it out to us. 

People are starting to get the hang of counters and blocking in the demo, which is starting to annoy me as it’s getting harder to win matches. I don’t like being challenged, least of all by smartass Predators who think they’re cool just because they look like insectoid Bob Marleys.

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