Rebellion patches in PS4 Pro support for Battlezone

And ‘Easy’ mode should now be more in line with its name

Battlezone isn’t making the same waves that other PlayStation VR games like Job Simulator, Thumper, and Rez Infinite are, but I keep coming back to it and staying up way, way too late trying to best its challenging procedurally-generated campaign. The co-op, too, has been a rare treat. There’s such a small player base that friendly, helpful groups are the norm in public matches, not the exception.

Developer Rebellion has issued a patch ahead of the PlayStation 4 Pro’s November 10 release.

Added PS4 Pro support

  • Increased super-sampling resolution
  • Improved dynamic lighting in the Cobra cockpit
  • Increased reflective lighting resolution

Balancing changes

  • Defend and Convoy missions are more balanced
  • Difficulty randomization more even throughout campaign
  • Enemy rank scaling more balanced throughout campaign

Bug, performance fixes and other changes

  • Improved clarity of particle effects
  • Fixed a rare framerate hitch during hangar sequence
  • Fixed rare physics issue that caused players to leave game world
  • Minor enemy behaviour tweaks

This is what I like to see, both in terms of addressing feedback (the stark difficulty imbalance was one of my main criticisms) and in hearing a developer speak clearly about the enhancements the PS4 Pro can bring about for a virtual reality game. Rebellion also says it’s preparing free DLC. Bring it on!

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