Rebellion patches AvP PS3 demo, responds to criticism

The Aliens vs. Predator demo was a lot of fun, in my opinion, but it had problems, mostly in the technical department. Although the PC version’s matchmaking was fixed ages ago, Rebellion has only just gotten around to fixing the PS3 demo, a day before the game itself is set for release. Better late than never, I suppose. 

The demo was also criticized for only providing an all-on-all deathmatch mode, a mode that, let’s face it, not many fans are going to be interested in. Rebellion has responded to those asking why such an odd mode was chosen for the demo, with CEO Jason Kingsley claiming that it was an issue of familiarity. 

“We chose Deathmatch as the mode for the demo as it’s very familiar to all FPS gamers and minimizes restrictions on players while they are getting to grips with the controls of each of the three playable species,” he says. We have plenty of new modes in the game and players only have to wait a matter of days before they can play them when the game launches.”

More like a matter of hours for us in the US. AvP is out tomorrow and I, personally, cannot bloody wait.

Rebellion responds to Aliens vs. Predator demo criticism [CVG]

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