Rebellion: An Alien couldn’t germinate in a Terminator

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We’re coming to the end of our Aliens vs. Predator discussion highlights with Rebellion’s Tim Jones, but before we wrap up the coverage, I really must share one last, important, point. With Rebellion clear experts on what the Xenomorph can and cannot accomplish, I had to take the opportunity to answer a burning question we’ve ALL had:

Could a Facehugger successfully impregnate a Terminator to create a cyborg that I have cleverly dubbed the TerminAlien, and could an Alien burst out of the chest of a Terminator if it had a hard enough head?

“As far as I know, there is no strain of Alien that could successfully germinate inside a Terminator — at least not one with an 800 series endoskeleton,” said Jones, having clearly thought about this. “A Terminator type with a few more organic internal organs might fare less well …  And I’m pretty sure a Chestburster could bust its way through a Terminator’s metal chest if it really had to — though it might have to take a bite out of its own tail to spill some acid blood to soften up the metal exit wound first.”

Interesting …  most interesting. It looks like further tests are needed, but it’s nice to know that, theoretically, I could indeed create a race of cyborg Xenomorphs to send back into the past and assassinate Jeff Dunham before he ever stuck his hand inside one of those distressingly unfunny, overrated, stupid-as-f*ck puppets. 

What else could we put Alien embryos inside?

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