Rebellion: Aliens and Predators are still relevant

It’s been a fair few years since Aliens vs. Predator: Reqiuem, and even longer since Aliens and Predators actually appeared in good movies. Nevertheless, Rebellion and Sega feel that the sci-fi monsters are still relevant to today’s audience and will resonate with a younger crowd.

“I think it’s still very much relevant to the younger audience,” says developer Tim Jones. “The comics and graphic novels still sell well, and the recent movies, the AvP and AvP2 movies, have reached a wide audience in many respects. They reached a bigger box office than the previous movies. I think there’s a huge appetite out there for these characters and the universe we’re exploring.”

Aliens vs. Predator will feature new technology for the Marines and updated equipment, which Sega’s Rob Bartholomew explains. 

“The story itself is set 30 years on from Alien 3 in terms of age and timeline, so marine technology’s moved on,” he states. “It’s still recognisable, but you’ll notice they they’ve got updated armour, slightly updated weapons. We’re making it more contemporary in this game than … the 80s sci-fi that was inherent in some of the films.”

Aliens and Predators are definitely still relevant to me, as my long-suffering wife can tell you. I have the 18″ Alien figure in our bedroom, staring at here, and spend more money than I should on comics and trinkets revolving around the lovable space rapists. Here’s hoping AvP does as well as Rebellion expects, and that this is the beginning of a quality series of Aliens games.

Jim Sterling