Realtime Worlds explains the perfect turkey sandwich

Earlier this week, Realtime Worlds CEO Dave Jones teased an audience at the GameHorizon conference. Perry said that the All Points Bulletin studio was working on another MMO and it would be announced at some point next year. We recently spoke with Realtime Worlds community officer Chris Collins and confirmed the confirmation as well as received hot details on the perfect turkey sandwich.

“Turkey Sandwiches are a tough thing to get right,” Collins said when asked if he enjoyed turkey sandwiches. “First off, you need to make sure the turkey has been cooked correctly. Most packaged turkey can often be dry and pumped full of water.”

“Also, it’s important to make sure that your condiment complements the turkey correctly,” Perry continued. “Cranberry is a favourite of mine (and a bit of stuffing at Christmas). Lettuce is also a safe salad based compliment and can often save a dry sandwich from being a complete failure. So I guess I do like Turkey sandwiches.”

“Oh… The Dave stuff,” he added. “You’re correct, Realtime Worlds are working on a second MMO. We’ll be putting more information out about it next year.”

Collins apparently makes a mean turkey sandwich, however, we would argue that mustard is better than cranberry. First, mustard is yellow — a cooler color. Second, mustard does a better job bringing the sweet, sweet flavor of turkey. Try it out sometime, Realtime Worlds. You won’t be disappointed.

Also, if you plan on releasing a cloth map for All Points Bulletin, go ahead and sent it our way. 

Brad BradNicholson