‘Realistically painted’ Bowser isn’t realistic, but sure is painted and cool

If you’re fragile like I am, chances are you’re not quite over Photoshop artist Pixeloo’s creepy digital representation of the “real life” Mario. I’m talking nightmares, people. 

As if inspired by Pixeloo’s pedophile-esque rendition of Mario, German student and artist Marcus Blättermann has decided to work up a “realistic” rendition of the Nintendo universe’s “big bad dinosaur,” Bowser. Created in Photoshop, Marcus decided to take a different approach, changing some of Bowser’s proportions in order to give him a more “animal” look.

The end result is a dinosaur wearing bondage gear, which quite frankly makes me burst into laughter each time I look at it. Odd that a “realistic” Mario — the hero of the Nintendo universe — makes me feel completely uncomfortable, but a more realistic dragon-dinosaur thing makes me giggle. Either I’m twisted or Nintendo needs to get its priorities straight.

Nick Chester