Real time images from Final Fantasy Versus XIII surface

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I have to admit I haven’t been too excited about Final Fantasy Versus XIII up to now, partially because I’m sick of seeing that same picture of that girl’s face all over the internet for months and partially because I’m afraid Square is turning into no more than an automated sequel cow. After these scans from Famitsu popped up, I have to admit to feeling some of the old excitement I used to feel waiting for a new title in this series.

The two scans of the faces are CG and the other two scans (see gallery below) are real-time. Looking at this, it hit home for the first time that I am about to experience Final Fantasy in a way I never have before on the PS3. I only hope as it appears there it can live up to the quality of experience set by its predecessors.

Salivating? Allow me to slide your excitement up just one more notch: Square announced today that a demo is in the works. Although no official date was announced, they spoke with confidence, saying 2008 will be the year for new info. Here’s the rest of the details, courtesy of CVG:

-Nomura: “2008 will be the year. There will be tons of news bits, info on characters and summons, and an unexpected connection between the keywords Cocoon and Farushi.
– We’re aiming for a demo to give players a hands on on the battle system.
– FF13’s theme: determination.
– Farushi: Their existence surpasses humans.
– Rushi: Those chosen by Farushi to carry out a mission. The pigtail girl is a Rushi. Farushi is not the Crystal.
– Mr. 33cm is also a Rushi.
– This time summons are in digital form.
– A new monster that looks like a cross between a turtle and elephant.
– The red thing on Carbuncle’s head is a ruby.
– Hint on release date: “I wonder when we’ll be able to sleep…”

I just queued up my Final Fantasy:Distant Worlds CD (translation: In my heart, I am still gay for Final Fantasy.) The excitement is definitely working me up over here.  What say you, Destructoid?

[Via FFVersusXIII – Thanks to Jonathan and Justin!]

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