Real men have an actual box for their Netflix PS3 disc

This has to be the collector in me saying this, but whenever I or someone I know misplaces a game box (usually the latter), forcing me to forever hold onto a loose disc, it drives me up the walls.

Not to the point where I go out and specifically buy a green- or white-colored case, yet it’s still annoying at any rate. The Netflix streaming Blu-ray disc falls somewhere into this scenario, and since they will remain a requirement for some time, Kotaku reader Nulion has come up with a solution.

Agreeing that paper is no way to contain the raw power of streaming movies, Nulion whipped up faux cover art intended for PlayStation 3 cases. Hell, it even comes complete with an ESRB rating. It’s so legit, it doesn’t even make any sense!

And if you find yourself with the itch to print out more custom videogame slip covers, The Cover Project comes highly recommended as a swanky resource for that sort of thing. Do it, assuming your printer can handle the job.

Jordan Devore
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