Real life Mario with 100 percent less creepy

Remember way back when when that real life Mario came out and it was the most disturbing thing in the world? Here’s what it should have been. Anthony Jones has whipped up some character concepts for his own imagining of the Mario universe and they are pretty frickin sweet. They’re even based on a backstory Jones came up with himself.

Mario is a down and out plumber who has just kicked an addiction to a popular drug called “Star.” His life is pretty bad right now, but he’s destined for great things. Meanwhile his brother Luigi wasn’t as strong as he was and is still on the streets and still addicted to “Star.” Princess Peach is a famous actress who made her way to the top thanks to the support of mob boss Bowser, who is looking quite dapper in his suit. Sure this is fan fiction, but when it’s backed up by art this good I’m not going to complain. 

Matthew Razak