Real 13: Sentinels Aegis Rim mech promo statue on display in Japan

Aegis Rim mech promo

It’s at Akihabara Station

Yesterday I talked at length about how it was good to see Vanillaware back in action, and it feels like the Switch release of 13: Sentinels Aegis Rim has had more buzz than its original PS4 launch in 2019. On that note, Atlus is kicking off an Aegis Rim mech promo that you can see in real life: in Japan, of course.

The news comes straight from the official account for the game (ran by Atlus), which unveils the Aegis Rim mech promo statue for all to see. If you happen to be in Japan through April 17, and want to go to the ticket gate of JR Akihabara Station Electric Town Exit from 10AM to 6PM JST, you can check out the exhibit. It’s protagonist Juro Kurobe’s mech (Sentinel) to be exact! The exhibit also has a TV screen to show off the game, as well as a banner that shows off the Switch edition: folks on Twitter have been getting close-ups over the past few days.

If you do go, note that Atlus also provided a few rules and provisos, saying not to bother station staff about the exhibit, that it might be canceled, and you need to buy a ticket (or use your Suica card) to gain access to it.

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