Ready at Dawn’s God of War PSP game confirmed

On the eve of the release of God of War II, one of the recent worst kept secrets in gaming has been confirmed. A God of War game is coming to the PSP and it’s being developed by (you guessed it) Ready At Dawn (best known for Daxter, because it’s the only game the team’s ever made).

While too much info hasn’t been revealed, Matt Leone over at was able to gather a few things from Cory Barlog during this evening’s God of War II launch event in at the Metreon in San Francisco.

Fortunately, the game will not be a port, but its story will tie in with the over arc of what is intended to be a console trilogy. Not surprisingly, the game is intended to be epic, just like its bigger console brethren. While recognizable areas will be visited, the entire game will be built from the ground up and all of the levels will be built from the ground up.

Amusingly, it seems the developers have no idea how they’re going to pull of Kratos’ roll technique on the PSP; the lack of a second analog stick seems to be posing a challenge for the team.

More info (but no screens, unfortunately) found over at Leone’s blog.

Nick Chester