Reader Q&A With ‘The Badger’

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[Dtoid community member Brent Figiel talked to Jonathan Holmes on Twitter about the idea of doing a Q&A with the Badger. It could very well happen so let’s ask this controversial person some questions! Want to see your own stuff appear on the front page? Go write something! –Occams Electric Toothbrush]

So this happened on Twitter today.

I think the Badger’s perspective is interesting and I’m curious to get his take on other topics. Anonymity clearly allows him to be brutally honest in a way he wouldn’t be openly. So why not use that perspective to answer some questions from Dtoid readers? If you have anything you want to ask the Badger in regards to game development, Gamergate or the size of Andy Dixon’s donger, leave your question in the comments. I’ll compile them and send them off to Holmes and hopefully something cool will happen as a result.

Fire away!

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