RE5 producer does not think that PS3 development is ‘too tough’

It’s so cool to say that Sony-made consoles are difficult to develop for. We’ve been hearing that since their first console back in the 1990s. It never goes out of style.

If that’s the case, then I guess Resident Evil 5 Producer Masachika Kawata is downright unstylish these days. In a recent interview with Kikizo, Kawata says that he couldn’t “really say that one platform is proving more problematic than the other.”

“This game is being developed in Capcom internally on PC hardware,” says Kawata. “When it comes to porting directly from PC-based hardware, the console that’s easier to work with is, naturally, the 360. The PS3 is often said to be more difficult. As someone developing for it, though… I haven’t found it to be too tough.”

For those devs that do feel that the PS3 is difficult, the problem may lie with how they approach their work. As for Capcom, their proprietary engine, MT Framework (pictured above in use for Capcom’s Lost Planet), was developed with next-gen consoles in mind. Kawata says that “one of its particular strengths is ease of porting to different platforms.”

[Via PSXExtreme]

Dale North