Razer is making some Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite arcade sticks

Better late than never

Razer (popular PC peripheral maker) and Capcom are teaming up to create the official Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite arcade stick. Priced at $219.99/€239.99, this PS4 exclusive piece of tech will be based on the Razer Panthera and include premium Sanwa hardware. Much like the old MadCatz sticks of the last generation, this stick has been tested by eSports legends and will be fully customizable.

Here are the official specifications of what the stick is made with:

  • 10 tournament-grade Sanwa™ Denshi buttons
  • Authentic Sanwa joystick with ball top
  • Easy one-touch access to internals and storage
  • Fully accessible internals and storage compartments for easy modding
  • Honeycomb structure on the inside for easy screw mounting
  • Storage room for alternative bat top joystick (not included) and more
  • 9.8 ft. / 3 m detachable screw-lock USB cable for secure connection
  • Screwdriver included for modding

The stick should currently be available in Europe from the official MadCatz website and will be heading to North and South America next month. I would link to the website, but that just redirects to a 404 error. I’m guessing the excitement of something actually happening with MvC: I took down Razer’s servers.

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.