Ratchet & Clank weapons contest is here

Do you have a creative streak for creating weapons? Always wanted one of them to be in a videogame featuring creative weapons like, say, Ratchet & Clank? Would you be insanely happy to realize there was a contest in which you could enter your designs for weapons and then get chosen so that your weapon shows up in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time? Well tough luck, the contest is over and now the finalist need to be voted on. Maybe you should have been paying better attention to the front page.

For those of you not curled up in the fetal position because I played a mean trick on you, go ahead over and check out the five finalists in the contest and then give a vote for your favorite. Make sure you read the descriptions because just looking at the images doesn’t really give a good idea of what the weapons do. For instance the Spiral of Death doesn’t look to great, but when you read about how it will take out enemies the value skyrockets. Looking them over, they all seem pretty interesting, but I’m going to have to go with the aforementioned Spiral of Death. How about you? Tune into the San Diego ComicCon to find out the winner.

Matthew Razak