Rare’s cancelled horror title Sundown looks hellish

This isn’t your dad’s Rare

Rare Replay is available now and includes unlockable videos of canceled games with concept art, stories, and gameplay that have never been show to the public. Unlocking the videos means completing various challenges and achievements to level up your in-collection profile, and that is no easy feat.

I spent last night doing the “Snapshot” challenges for Lunar Jetman live on my Twitch channel while getting feverishly angry. Clearly the devs at Rare are sadists, and anyone who enjoys Lunar Jetman must be some kind of self-hating masochist — it is so difficult it makes the Souls series look like child’s play. 

Anywho, someone finally unlocked one of the videos for Sundown, a horror survivor game that was inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing, which can be seen above if you don’t mind spoiling the fun of unlocking them yourselves. The concept art looks quite terrifying and grotesque, though Finger Belly is certainly the coolest.

It kind of sounds like Rare was ahead of the curve on the whole zombie survival games trend, though I’m unsure when the studio was working on this game (it was planned for Xbox 360).

Previously Unseen On Rare Replay: Sundown [RareFanDaBase]

Jed Whitaker