Rare showing off Perfect Dark at X10, we preview it now

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Rare is finally going to showcase a playable version of their revamped Perfect Dark that it will be releasing some time soon for the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Rare has announced that they will be letting people play the game next week at Microsoft’s X10 media event That’s right, we can finally bring you a preview of Perfect Dark, the game no one has ever playe… wait, I can go hands on with it right now. Hold on, let me get out the Nintendo 64.

OK, here’s the preview: It’s a good game. A very solid first-person shooter with some great action. I think I’m still a bigger fan of GoldenEye, but this is solid. I think the upgraded graphics are going to look prettier as the screenshot above shows, and the 60 FPS is all good and fun. The multiplayer is a blast too, and it should be fun over LIVE.

There you go. Exclusive, hands-on preview of Perfect Dark before any other site has it. We’re on top of our sh*t here at Destructoid.

Perfect Dark Playable at X10 [CVG]

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