Rare promises smoother updates and less downtime in Sea of Thieves

‘We’ll be focusing on releases that really deliver’

This week, Rare added a new activity to help spice up Sea of Thieves: Cargo Runs. These timed delivery missions are taken up with the Merchant Alliance at outposts and they revolve around safely transporting goods. The keyword here is “safely,” as broken bottles, water-logged cloth, and dried-up plants are no good. You’ll need to keep these factors in mind and deliver on time for an ideal payout.

The studio also opened up about its at-times rocky update release schedule.

It’s hard to believe, but the game is six months old. As executive producer Joe Neate puts it, “the process and the pace we’ve been moving at has led to more bugs being introduced into the game than we’d like. We’ve heard that feedback from the community too, so we’ve looked at how we can do better.”

“We all agree that we need to find a balance between delivering great content and having enough time to rigorously test that content before it releases,” he said. “Along with our internal testing processes, making use of our Pioneers to gather feedback and identify bugs is a key part of the process for us.”

For the average player who just wants to jump into Sea of Thieves without running into scheduled downtime or other problems preventing them from playing, it’s good news. Rare intends to focus on “content updates, Bilge Rat Adventures, major bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements.” Crucially, “this means we won’t be taking the game down each week as we have done until now.”

Neate went on to explain that “anything that disrupts the way you play will [still] be fixed. This can either be done without taking the game down or by issuing a game update. It will depend on the issue, and we’ll clearly communicate our plans around this so you’re all kept updated and informed.”

Next up for Sea of Thieves: the Festival of the Damned Bilge Rat Adventure.

Improving Our Release Process [Sea of Thieves]

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