Rare not reviving old franchises, my heart weeps cholesterol tears

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There’s nothing that can clog your arteries and catch your breath like the possibility of having one of your favorite old games remade. Today Rare senior animator, Elissa Miller, crushed my dreams. She told 360 Gamer magazine that reviving a classic series isn’t in the cards for Rare right now.

At the moment, probably not. We’ve always got to have a reason to revive a franchise, we don’t do games just for the sake of them.

If Rare did do games for the sake of it, I would be a much happier man. I was hedging a lot of bets on Killer Instinct 3 even though the strength of that rumor was tenuous at best. At least I can still dream about how sweet Killer Instinct 3 would have been in this new age of 3D visuals and discs.

[via CVG]

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