Rare Dreamcast Zip Drive auction for $10,000

Many hardcore gamers still have a bit of love in their heart for Sega’s ill-fated final console, the Dreamcast. For most, that love extends only to fond memories, or at best, a sizeable game collection, but it would probably be difficult to find a Dreamcast fan loyal enough to buy this rare prototype accessory.

This is the Sega Dreamcast Zip Drive extension. Computer accessory/media company Iomega developed this drive, which was basically a modified PC Zip Drive. It was developed to increase the storage capabilities of the Dreamcast, and files were saved onto 100MB removable disk drives. The Dreamcast Zip Drive extension was designed to fit under the Dreamcast itself, and was connected to the system’s expansion port. 

Being a prototype, there’s only one in existence. Knowing that, do you think $10,000 is a fair price? The ebay auctioneer does. This “rare collectible item for the serious gamer connoisseur” has five days left on its auction, with no bids. Mind you, it does absolutely nothing — no game or other software was ever completed for it.  

It seems a bit silly these days, but it’s a reminder of how much things have changed. We are now popping 2GB memory sticks into portable game systems and cameras without giving it a second though.  

Dale North