Rare: ‘Don’t judge Banjo-Threeie on screenshots alone’

As you might have heard, Rare sprung something of a massive leak yesterday with regards to Banjo-Threeie. At first it was a trickle, with two screenshots dribbling out onto the Internet, but now a veritable torrent of bear-themed imagery has threatened to drown us all. Now, with screenshots invariably come judgment, and gamers have been quick to draw their own conclusions as to what Banjo-Threeie will be about. According to Rare, however, the armchair analysts are dead wrong.

Rare’s George Kelion has told Destructoid that the rampant speculation concerning Banjo barely comes close to what the game is actually about. “We’d rather people not jump to conclusions,” states Kelion. “Wait until tomorrow because you’ve not seen the half of it, and we have much more to tell you than what you’ve seen.”

Thus far, people have assumed that Rare’s bright and colorful platformer will be a Kart-style racing affair or a waggle-based Wii game rip-off. A few bitter and twisted souls have gone as far as to denounce the game as rubbish already, based only on screens. These people are more or less retarded.

Nevertheless, what is seen cannot be unseen, so here is the overflowing bucket of Banjo-Threeie screenshots for your disgusting viewing delight. Enjoy, they have more than three colors in them!

Jim Sterling