Randomtoid: See Public Enemy, Ghostface, play Street Fighter IV in LA

Bless their hearts, but the marketing folks at Capcom are taking Street Fighter IV promotion to some random places.

On his Capcom Unity blog, Capcom’s Chris Kramer points out that Los Angeles residents can check out tonight’s Sneaker Pimps “sneaker hip-hop lifestyle show.” Public Enemy, Ghostface Killah, and more will be performing at the event, and Capcom has decided to bring a few Street Fighter IV arcade units to the party. More info on what you’re doing tonight can be found over at sneakerpimps.net

To me, this is a curious little bit of marketing, and really shows that Capcom is making a pretty big push to appeal to “old school” Street Fighter fans who might have been “lost along the way.” Has there ever been this much promotion behind an arcade game since, well, ever?

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