Randomtoid: Rogue Trooper being ported to the Wii

Here’s a random surprise: Rebellion Developments’ Rogue Trooper is being ported to the Wii. The game — which is a port of last gen’s Xbox, PS2, and PC title — is being handled by Reef Entertainment for Nintendo’s console. 

The third-person shooter follows the story of Rogue Trooper, a genetically engineered super-soldier of the future who has taken on the abilities of four of his fallen comrades. The title is based on a popular British comic strip that has spawned multiple games, including a title for the Commodore 64 in the mid-80s. 

Rogue Trooper received good reviews when it was released in 2006, so this might be a good second chance to check it out. The Wii version is said to be the definitive version of the game (haven’t we heard that before?), with tweaks and gameplay mechanics adapted for the console’s controllers. The game will ship later this year.

Reef Entertainment has confirmed it has agreed an exclusive deal with the UK Developer Rebellion to launch their 2000 AD character Rogue Trooper® videogame globally on Wii™.

For those who don’t know the character, Rogue Trooper® is a genetically engineered soldier of the future, and is unique in videogames as he has an distinct armoury; a rifle, helmet and backpack, which contain the ‘personalities’ of his fallen comrades, providing him the capabilities of 4 soldiers in one. A ‘biochip’ is installed within each ‘Genetic Infantryman’ or ‘GI’ from birth, which then records their personalities and training upon their death. These biochips are then removed and can then be inserted within energized slots on a fellow GI’s rifle, helmet or backpack to secure them for their return to base and re-cloning.

Rogue Trooper®: The Quartz Zone Massacre is the story of how Rogue Trooper® and his comrades are betrayed by a traitor general on their first mission to an area on Nu Earth known as the Quartz Zone. Only Rogue survives, and joined by his fallen comrades within his equipment, he begins a journey across Nu Earth to find the general and unleash his revenge!

Rogue Trooper® is one of the 2000 AD’s most endearing characters. First appearing in 1981, he was created by Gerry Finlay-Day and Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame and was intended to run only a few years, but fans continually demanded more adventures. Rogue Trooper® has also enjoyed many reincarnations as a videogame throughout the last 20 years, most recently as the critically acclaimed and BAFTA nominated 3rd person shooter on PS2, Xbox and PC.

The Wii version promises to provide even greater immersive gameplay with the unique Wii control interface where kill shots are more accurate and certainly more creative than its console forebears.

In addition, Rebellion has provided additional tweaks and polish to the overall game so ensuring the Wii version of the game is the very best yet.

Peter Rezon, CEO of Reef said; ‘Rogue Trooper®:The Quartz Zone Massacre is one of the best games Reef has been involved with, and to win this contract for the Wii version is fantastic. Were taking a hit game to a unique console where we believe the exciting elements we’ve added will make this 3rd shooter a hugely successful Wii title.’
Rogue Trooper®: The Quartz Zone Massacre will be released in Q4 2008.

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