Ramza is coming soon to Dissida Final Fantasy arcade

Chaos characters too

Right now, the roster for the Dissida Final Fantasy arcade edition is complete. Well it mostly is, outside of Final Fantasy Tactics‘ Ramza, who will be added in “soon,” according to Famitsu. Ramza was initially teased back in November, and will join the cast as the only current non “core” character (one person from Final Fantasy IXIV is present).

After that, Square Enix tends to add in characters with a “one and a half” or “two month” cadence. There’s still currently no word of a console port (though a PS4 one is in the works and is expected), or a localization. But I relish the prospect of playing this series on a big TV with current-gen visuals.

Dissidia [Famitsu via Siliconera]

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